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Pilot Study of Rosuvastatin and Enoxaparin Thromboprophylaxis Following Ovarian Cancer Surgery (O-STAT Study)

This is a randomized pilot trial to estimate the effect of rosuvastatin on levels of tissue factor bearing microparticles (TFMP) in patients undergoing surgery for presumed ovarian cancer (including primary peritoneal and fallopian tube carcinoma). Women will either be randomized to enoxaparin subcutaneously once daily (Arm A) or enoxaparin in combination with rosuvastatin (Arm B). Arm C will receive thromboprophylaxis according to standard of care and not be randomized. Levels of circulating TFMP will be assessed in all patients on Day 1 and following surgery (days 15, 30 and day 60). A bilateral lower extremity ultrasound will be performed on days 30 and 60 for all participants to estimate the rate of VTE in the 3 arms.