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Mechanisms Underlying the Blood Pressure Lowering Effect of Sleep

The study involves home-based sleep-wake data collection before and during behavioral intervention, and 3 overnight stays in the hospital. For each hospital stay participants will be asked to arrive in the afternoon, and stay until the next evening. They will be provided dinner on the first day and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the second day. If they are taking any blood pressure medication they will continue to take it through the study. During the in-hospital stays, blood pressure will be measured continuously using two small finger cuffs. In order to monitor and record brain waves to determine sleep and wakefulness, small gold-coated disks called electrodes will be placed on the head and body. Heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity will be recorded for a little over 24 hours on each in-hospital stay. Before as well as during the in-hospital stays questions will be asked about sleep times, subjective sleepiness and other indices relating to well-being.