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Impact of Inner Engineering on Relationships

This observational cross-sectional study aims to enroll participants who are registered for the Inner Engineering Online Completion (IECO) course.

The IECO course consists of a 3-day online workshop in which participants will learn a simple 21- minute practice called Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, also known as Shambhavi Kriya. Shambhavi Kriya is a powerful technique that incorporates the breath. This practice is said to align the participants' system so that their body, mind and emotions function in harmony.

Registrants for IECO are required to complete a series of seven online modules in the program Inner Engineering Online (IEO) prior to the start of the IECO course. The IEO modules give the participants an opportunity to intellectually explore the basics of life using methods that are from the distilled essence of yogic sciences. The course imparts wisdom to manage the body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within.

Importantly, the IEO course modules and the IECO program and subsequent meditation and yoga practices would occur regardless of whether or not a person decided to participate in the study.

With this study the investigators aim to evaluate the impact of Shambhavi Kriya on relationships using validated scales and qualitative analysis. Enrollment into the study will be ongoing until the investigators are able to get a sufficient sample size. Apart from the surveys and qualitative interviews at select points over a one-year period, there is no additional study procedures involved in the study, details of which are discussed below.