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Groceries for Black Residents of Boston to Stop Hypertension Among Adults With Treated Hypertension

Hypertension affects over half of Black adults in the United States - more than any other group - and diet is a principal determinant of disparities in hypertension among Black adults. While the DASH diet is a proven strategy for lowering blood pressure in Black adults, diet disparities are increasing in urban food deserts due to poor access and the high costs of healthy foods. Our proposed clinical trial will randomize 150 Black adults, who are actively treated for hypertension and reside in Boston area urban food deserts to either:

12 weeks of dietitian-assisted, DASH grocery delivery via an online, virtual grocery store at an amount sufficient to replace all Calorie needs of each participant, allowing for some sharing with family members


Self-directed shopping with a monthly stipend over a 3-month period

After the 12-week intervention phase, participants will undergo a 9-month observation phase. At 3-months after the intervention is complete the investigators will repeat in-person study assessments and perform qualitative interviews in a subset of the population to determine barriers and facilitators to intermediate-term maintenance of the intervention. At 9-months after the intervention, participants will participate in a phone visit designed to assess longer-term maintenance of the intervention.