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Blockade of PD-1 in Conjunction With the Dendritic Cell/AML Vaccine Following Chemotherapy Induced Remission

On this study participants will receive the DC AML vaccine and GM-CSF 4-8 weeks after completion of chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). GM-CSF is a drug that stimulates white blood cells and is given with the DC AML Vaccine in an effort to enhance the effect of the vaccine. Participants will receive 2-3 doses of the vaccine at 4 week intervals.
All participants will undergo the following procedures: Isolation of tumor cells by either bone marrow biopsy or blood draw; Initial chemotherapy for AML with standard therapy; Leukopheresis (collection of white blood cells from the blood).
All participants will also have blood tests, a physical exam, and an electrocardiogram prior to each dose of vaccine.
Four weeks following the final vaccination, participants will undergo a skin test called "delayed-type hypersensitivity" (DTH). This is an injection of the tumor cells under the skin to measure how the immune system responds. The tumor cells are broken up and irradiated to prevent their growth.